Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Noncustodial Mom and Her Children Being Kept From Seeing Each Other

Sadly, Danielle Malmquist (Germantown, TN) has been jailed by the Honorable Judge Jerry Stokes, Shelby County, Tennessee. Even sadder is that her wussy exhusband, Shem Malmquist, claims he is now disabled from the stress from this case. Apparently Shem has a bigger problem with ego. In the book “Professional Pilot Career Guide” by Robert P. Marks, published by McGraw-Hill Professional, 2nd Ed. (1999), ISBN-10 0071346910, on page 266, Shem Malmquist is quoted as saying (with respect to upgrading to captain) “The ego can be a big deal for some people (in upgrading), also the pleasure of being the boss and running the cockpit the way you like it.” Oops, your ego is showing again, Shem. The court and all involved need to think of those children’s rights before letting those egos get in the way of things.

Also visit Fox-13 Memphis’s site for the update: Custody Fight Continues, Mom Jailed. Read about Danielle and the background of her case from a local reporter:

Blog story by Ernie Freeman, Co-host of Fox-13’s Emmy Award winning Good Morning Memphis.

The strange custody story involving the Danielle Malmquist and her ex husband Shem, a FedEx pilot, aired last night. In the end we learned that a Shelby County Circuit Court Judge Jerry Stokes granted Shem his petition for divorce, and gave him custody of their two children, and ordered Danielle to have supervised visitation with her boys, at a cost of $100 per hour. If Danielle visits the maximum allowable hours each week, which is eight, she would have to pay $800 a week to see her boys. She’s unemployed. Which raises the question many people have asked me since the story aired, why does she have to pay $100 dollars an hour. The question I have is why does she have to pay at all.

Representative John DeBerry, who chairs the Tennessee Children and Family Affairs Committee is now looking into this matter. Danielle says she hopes to appeal, but worries she may not have the financial capacity to follow through. I suspect this story will have legs. Sadly, for this mother, it may take years to win back her children, or to have a court issue a sensible order that allows her to visit with her children. Look at the story online, and you will see that the Reverend Dwight Montgomery offered his church as a place Danielle could visit with her children for free. With her employment status, and the costs for the supervised visits, this judge has effectively suspended her parental rights.

If you haven’t seen the story, click on the “News” tab, then finid the “I-Team” link on the right side, then go to the “Bizzare Custody” story.

The question I anticipate most from this story is “what did she do?” According to the Judge’s order, she did nothing. Both parents made allegations against each other, as parents often do in divorces, but nothing stuck. In the story I mention the arrests of Danielle. Let me caution you there is evidence those “arrests” may have been orchestrated. Whether they were or not, all charges were dropped, and “other people” were investigated for possibly orchestrating the arrests.

Many parents have called, as they often do following the airing of a divorce, custody story, saying Shelby County Courts are corrupt to the core, particularly Juvenile Court, which Danielle says hi-jacked her children in the first place. Proving the system is corrupt will take more than just a few non custodial parents complaining about how their cases turned out, but clearly “out of balance” rulings by local judges need to looked at from time to time. If you don’t believe me, just ask Jack and Casey He. Or Danielle Malmquist. Or, maybe her little boys, who must be asking, “where is my mommy?”

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