Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thanks Indiana Supreme Court: Another Marion Superior Court Judge Gets a Non-Punishment

Soooooooooo sorry he didn't get a punishment appropriate for the screwup of someone's life he has caused. But that is just THE INDIANA SUPREME COURT for you. they really think that Judge Grant Hawkins getting 60 days off without pay is enough punishment for keeping a man in prison an extra TWO YEARS, ignoring the family's letters and pleas to release him after he had been exhonerated. God help us all...

Read the Punishment here.

The Indiana Supreme Court Deserves to be in the Hall of Shame for this one.

Current Justices
Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard dissented
Justice Brent E. Dickson concurred
Justice Frank Sullivan, Jr. dissented
Justice Theodore R. Boehm dissented (but counted as a concurred???)
Justice Robert D. Rucker concurred

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