Sunday, August 17, 2008

Battered Mothers! Speak Out To America About The Truth Of Family Courts

Calling out to America... WE NEED TO HEAR YOUR VOICE on the radio:
If you are a protective parent, a battered women/mother or an abused child...or know of an abused mother or an abused child, please call into the show (WKRS RADIO's A Citizens' Voice on Thursday nights from 6-8pm) with your story. America needs to know these "DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS". Fred Flannigan is the host of this show and is giving us the format to expose this travesty of justice.

You can hear the show LIVE on the internet at: or
Call into the "A Citizen's Voice" with Fred Flannigan at (847) 244-1220 or
Email Fred with your story and/or thank him for providing us with this venue for sharing these American nightmare stories from our American family Courts at:

WKRS Radio Show-1220 AM
A Citizen's Voice with Fred Flannigan
Thursday Nights from 6-8pm CDT

An interative exchange about the problems with domestic violence and child abuse being ignored and covered-up in America's family court systems

Phone # (847) 244-1220

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